Saturday, 10 April 2010

Majora's Mask: Koume and Kotake

   We all know that Koume and Kotake make appearances in Majora's Mask as well as in Ocarina of Time. It's generally accepted that these are parallels to the witches in Ocarina of Time.
   However, imagine that these aren't parallels, but the very same witches. All you really have to do to get to Termina is fall down a hole, and these witches could probably get there ten times easier by some mysterious means. It explains why they have the same name, unlike everyone else in Termina, and the same theme.
   It would explain why Koume knows so much about Link when he finds her in the forest, saying something along the lines of, "They're not as brave as they say you are!"  This could have easily been some sort of cryptic message, which is not something new for Koume and Kotake!
    Presumably, after being defeated and (hilariously) killed in the last game, they could only remain stable in an alternate universe, and could no longer merge into Twinrova or control the elements.
    So, eventually, they were forced to begrudgingly help the very child that killed them before, not to mention give him his first bottle!

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