Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mother 3 (AGAIN?!): Porky Mocks You At The End of the Game

I know what you're thinking. Well, DUR! What else was he doing sticking out his tongue? Trying to lick his nose? Well shut up and let me explain. He isn't mocking Lucas. He isn't mocking Flint, Boney, Kumatora, or Duster. He's mocking you. He knows about the mysterious person who prayed for the Chosen Four in Earthbound. And he knows it was you.

He suspected you would come to assist Lucas in his journey. And he wanted to flaunt the fact that he warped the timeline and made all of your work useless. Just like that. Why else would he have the Memory Boat Ride? Hey, look-- I have the Sky Runner, the Phase Distorter, the Helicopter, and the Submarine. I took them all. I even took Ness's yoyo, his bat, even his house. And what could he do to stop Giygas without all that? Absolutely nothing.

Ness failed. And Porky is making damn sure you notice. I'll say it again. What a little bastard.

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