Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mother 3: You Are The Dragon

If you've read my first post, you'll know you can move around on the "End?" screen. However, many people don't know that.

But just imagine. You somehow are so coldhearted that you didn't even press any buttons and just immediately turned the game off at the "End?" screen. You are Lucas in this game, and thus you have had your heart passed on to the Dark Dragon. And since you were completely uncaring about these people's fate, you basically instantly destroyed their world. Just like a dragon with a cold heart, such as this hypothetical player, would have.

But then imagine you are a kind-hearted person, which I'll just assume you are, and thus passed a kind heart to the Dragon. You saved the people of Tazmily because you cared about their fate, and started their lives anew.

Another thing about Mother 3 that leaves me absolutely speechless.

P.S. The picture is completely unrelated, but it's just awesome, and there's obviously no pictures of the dragon.

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