Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Could Majora's Mask Be Made By the Twili Tribe?

Warning: This video contains spoilers and unfitting music.

Some people believe that some things seen in Majora's Mask are by-products of the Twili tribe. This video explains best, but I really don't believe in it, and, if anything, it's only evidence for Zant being a cross between Majora and the Garo Master. I would also like to add that nobody had thought of Twilight Princess at the time, so there's no intentional foreshadowing involved. It's not one of the more likely theories from Zelda, and even Tetraforce seems more likely (and it was Jossed by Word of God!). I would also like to add that if this is substantial evidence, there is substantial evidence that Ganondorf and Link are related, seeing as how they're both left-handed.

Judge for yourself. 

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