Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is It Possible To Bring Darmani, Mikau, and Deku Butler's Son Back To Life?

Alright. We all know that playing the Elegy of Emptiness takes your soul and sort of casts it and makes a shell out of it. Which would mean it's your soul's body. We also know that playing the Song of Healing takes a soul and turns it into a mask. So, what if you were to play the Elegy of Emptiness to make, say, Mikau's soul's body. Then what if you were to take the actual soul (a la the Zora Mask) and reattach it to the body. Essentially, you have reunited body and soul, thus making Mikau Mikau again. Of course, this means that if there were a fly around Mikau's face, and he swatted it at just the wrong angle, the mask could fall off, and, if Link weren't around, he'd be in hot water. Also, would you put the mask on Elegy of Emptiness Deku, or the Sad Tree?

Anyway, stay tuned for more Majora's Mask.


Anyone who can find the unintentional play on words gets 10 points. 

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