Monday, 25 January 2010

Is Every Mask a Trapped Soul?

"We will greet the morning together." "Well, I'm gonna go make sure you have a morning to greet."

Ok, I finally got a schedule worked out. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But anyway, today's post will be about the possibility that every mask in Majora's Mask is a trapped soul, rather than just the transformation masks. The reason we believe this is because, if you talk to the Happy Mask Salesman wearing a non-transformation mask, he will tell you that "this mask is filled with etc." While it's likely not every mask is filled with a soul, it is almost certain that every mask is filled with part of a soul, or a very strong emotion. What would the Circus Leader's Mask be without the incredibly strong emotions of sadness that come with it, or the Bunny Hood without Grog's amazingly powerful love of the wild? The Stone Mask without the powerful... inconspicuous-ness of the poor soldier? 

This theory seems pretty likely.

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