Thursday, 4 February 2010

Could Every Player Use One Cheat?

Cheating is wrong, kids.

This one is pretty plausible. Think about EVERY player in this game (Glass Joe non withstanding, of course), then think about the cheats they've used. Let's look back on them...

  • Soda Popinski: Life-regaining soda
  • Great Tiger: uh... Floating
  • Bald Bull: Using his head
  • Aran Ryan: Horseshoes in his gloves
And then of course, all the players can use TWO cheats when fighting the Champion, which explains all of Title Defense mode. And those who haven't used cheats before, such as Glass Joe, are probably using one now, such as protective headgear.

To me, it seems intentional.


So sorry for not posting yesterday, but my router had a "DUR HUR YUR GROUNDED FROM THE INTERNET" moment, which has been happening all too frequently lately. Count this as Wednesday's post, and I'll still post on Friday.


As a matter of fact, I'll actually post another one today, and another tomorrow, to show how much I appreciate anyone out there who reads this.

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