Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Earthbound/Mother 2: Giygas is an Unborn Alien (Mindfuck Ahoy)

The one everyone's been waiting for, and boy have I been dreading it. It's a theory so complicated and intricate that it almost blows one's mind that people put this much thought into it. But anyway, first things first. Obviously, if you read between the lines, you can see what it is. If you can't, look for a fetus. Many people believe in the false rumor that this boss was inspired by a rape scene Shigesato Itoi accidentally stumbled in on as a child. Actually, it was based on a traumatic event from Itoi's childhood. It was a scene from a movie, but said movie had no rape scenes. Many people mock Itoi for overreacting. I am not one of those people by a long shot. He was a child, around 5 or 6 I believe. Anyway, the theory is that Giygas is completely innocent, being an unborn baby. The Devil Machine is something of a fetus, and the reason he is in so much pain is because Porky was opening the machine, a la a premature birth. The reason Ness's face pops out of the machine is that Giygas is obsessed with Ness, only wanting to be his friend. This is also the reason he has about 7 lines of "Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness...".  Porky does tell you that Giygas is absolute evil. Everything out of Porky's mouth has been a lie so far. The reason you "can't comprehend the true form of Giygas attack" is not because the attack is pure evil, but because he's fighting to defend himself. When you fight Giygas, he isn't evil. You go back in time to abort a fetus, back when he's more vulnerable. Giygas tries several times to end the fight, only wanting to be your friend. Porky, the little bastard, is taunting you and Giygas, calling him an "eternal idiot". The little bastard is taunting you to unwittingly kill an unborn fetus. The LITTLE BASTARD is taunting an UNBORN FETUS to attack someone who he wants to be his friend, and AT THE SAME TIME taunting you to kill an INNOCENT, CONFUSED, even CHILDLIKE creature! And just imagine THAT isn't enough, but listen to this nice little track that plays as Giygas is defeated. Hear any words forming?


But these words are in English, and as this game and it's music originate in Japan, this meaning anything is unlikely.


(Alternate Title: BOOM WALL OF TEXT)

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