Thursday, 18 February 2010

Subspace Emissary: Dedede Hires Most of the Characters


 And now for something completely different.

 Bear with me on this. Think of some of the characters that became active over the course of SSE: Snake; Fox; Falco; Captain Falcon; Samus. But most of all, Snake. What exactly do we know about Snake?
  1. He was on a mission.
  2. He's against the Subspace Army.
  3. He remains completely inactive until Dedede becomes a trophy.
Dedede was on the Halberd when it was taken over, he could give Snake access. So, Snake snuck onboard, keeping communication with Dedede using the Codec. He would become active if he was given the signal, or something bad happened to Dedede. He was to retake the Halberd, eliminate the Shadow Bugs, and rescue any captives. If not for other events, this would have completely destroyed the Subspace Army.

And for the other characters, Fox and Falco were to destroy the guns and come aboard to help, Samus and Captain Falcon were sent together to an area, but eventually split up.

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